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Wars A brief overview of political violence in Turkey and Kurdistan.

Personalities Some information on powerful (or interesting) people in the region.

TravelAn alternative Guide to Turkey.

Media Links On-line media about Turkey and KurdistanLinks to political sites about Turkey and Kurdistan.

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Peoples & CreedsSome information about the ethnic groups in Turkey, where they live, their languages and their religious practices.

On-Line Media Resources

There is no shortage of television, radio and newspapers about Turkey and Kurdistan, and some of these publications have on-line services. The list below is not exhaustive by any means.


  • Turkish Daily News

    The TDN is an English publication of the Milliyet group, one of the two giant media corporations in Turkey. This paper claims to be Turkey's first and only English Daily. The editing is often side splitting, and the writing style juvenile, but it gives a lot of timely information, even if it is merely reporting the perpetual quibbles from the parliament.

  • MED TV

    This is the most popular satellite television channel in Kurdistan. Based in London, this channel beams programming in Kurdish to satellite dishes in Southeastern Turkey where Kurdish language broadcasts are banned. Have a look before the British government shuts it down and deports everyone.

  • Turkish Daily Press

    This is a simple list of newsbriefs updated on a daily basis. It also has an archive/back issues section if you are trying to track down a particular event.

  • Anatolia News Agency

    This is the homepage of the Anatolia News agency, the main government news agency in Ankara. If you want the official line on the news, this is the horse's (or donkey's) mouth.

  • Anavatan Net

    This is a collasal site featuring all the mainstream Turkish media sources and the usual "We are a modern country, really" sort of jive. The number of links on this site is staggering.


  • Sabah Grubu

    This is sort of the USA Today of Turkish newspapers. Lots of pictures of girls in bikinis and press releases from the military telling how many "terrorists" were killed.

  • Kurtulus

    Kurtulus is the on the stand organ of the DHKP-C only it is no longer on the stand as it was banned and all its staff tossed into prison recently. I suppose this site is not in Turkey...